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Satire v01n02, January 1936 (My Gawd! Not Another Movie Magazine)

Scanned for us by request via Scott Saveedra from the comments of the first issue I posted recently, today we have the second issue of the unique and short-lived Satire magazine from January of 1936.

You can find a copy of the full high res scan here:  Satire v01n02 1936-01.Satire (My Gawd! Another Movie Magazine) (-cvrs) (SS-Nation).cbr 

or you can view online or download alternate formats at the Internet Archive here

This is the first time someone has answered my shout out for a magazine scan on Darwination Scans, so huge kudos to Scott for sending me the raw scans of his copy of this rare magazine.  It was a coverless (though very nice) copy, so I've used the best available images gathered from the web for placeholder images for the cover pages.  This is a common strategy you have to have for scarcer magazines, as coverless copies are often the only ones us lowly scanners can get our hands on.  Ideally, I'll get my hands on a high resolution scan of a good copy for a proper restoration front cover upgrade in the future, but the low resolution cover images serve the purpose in the meantime.  Scott's scanner has given me envy, the Plustek Opticbook Pro A320L, as the quality of the scans is most excellent.

While the first issue of Satire spoofed detective magazines, this issue sets its sights on Hollywood. And if you can't tell from the cover, everybody knows, sex sells!  There's a lot of women in bathtubs and bathing suits throughout the magazine 😂

The contents, an arresting photo:

The fun thing about about a satire magazine is you can make fun of trends but cash in on them at the same time, here the mag pokes at wildly popular funny man, W.C. Fields.

As thrilling as a well-kept grave.  I'll take the same. Ha.

Scanning with an A3 allows for single scans of natural two page spreads.  As long as you get the pages flat, you get a very nice result, and the natural joins look great.  The struggles of the rich and famous, how do they ever manage?  Roughing It on 30 Grand a Week, by Rogers Peet St. John 

Charlie Chaplin drives Douglas Fairbanks

 James Cagney struggles with basic math at bathside of Joan Blondell, perfectly understandable

Stars' baby photos. And you thought the internet had a monopoly on cuteness.  I love how no one compelled these kids to smile.  How I do hate the modern convention of the forced photo smile.

The Talkies will never make it!  Danger, Will Robinson, Staple Ahead!  Beware of staples on the scanner glass, they can scratch.  (I love the centerfold of just about any magazine. It's a crossing over, but also a unification.) Just exactly how many careers the talkies ended is up for debate, but those with too high or too low voices and thick accents didn't always make it, and a good singing voice becomes an asset.

More girls in bathtubs.  Hop right in, handsome  *gulp*

Blinx for doe eyes.  Seductive beauty secrets.

Laurel and Hardy demonstrate the state of the art automobile engineering, another fine mess

And one last image from the issue, her LIPS WON HIM - when your cheeks need that freshly spanked look.

What a hoot.  A final note, Steve was able to point me to the existence of a third issue from March later this year.  The cover mock up has been discarded (they probably figured out that the mock up covers, as cool as they are, do a poor job of branding a new magazine) but the issue-wide theming continues a "politics" edition.  Let's keep an eye out to complete the run scan-wise, shall we?

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