Friday, April 21, 2023

Pin-up Parasols, 1920-1932

A new approach tonight.  It was a beautiful Spring week.  I got a little scanwork done, a little yard work done, and watched my Grizz split with the Lakers, but didn't get to blog.  I hope to write on magazines a time or two this weekend, but tonight I'm just going to post a stream of images.

When you collect and research magazines for long enough and especially magazines with seemingly simple cover motifs like the pin-ups, you start to notice a lot of common props, poses, themes, and the like.  This set of images are all pin-up or glamour covers (and I'm not always sure of the distinction outside of glamour covers tend to be close-ups, 'classier,' more fashionable, and more likely on Hollywood or women's magazines) that all use the parasol.  Of course, it's nice to have a colorful umbrella at the beach, and the beach is a place where it's perfectly acceptable for bathing girls to show off the bod, so it's a fun pairing for pin-up and glamour artists to work with.

We could go even further back than this, but let's start with La Vie Parisienne, a magazine I have more plans with here at Darwination Scans - truly a fountainhead for girlie magazine art, and I'll proceed chronotypically from there.  Many of these images will have been gathered from eBay, but I'll try to give credit where due-

Georges Leonnec, La Vie Parisienne 1920-06-26

 F.X. Leyendecker, just one of his many iconic Life covers, 1922-04-20

Breezy Stories, A.W. Shelton, 1922-08

Enoch Bolles flipping the script, it's wintertime but she doesn't care!, Judge 1925-01-24

Artist Unidentified, Paris Nights 1925-07

Artist unidentified, from Capt. Billy's So This is Paris 1925-08, McCoy's edit work, a mesmerizing scene, red and pink yet cool.  The entire scene subdued but perhaps for her gaze.  A contented collie.

Constance Wheeler, who did a number of wonderful covers for the magazine, The Golden Book 1926-08, from an image at MyComicShop

Livingston Geer of Vilma Banky, Photoplay 1926-04

Charles Hargens, Brief Stories 1927-07.  This title is super scarce, I'd really like to see/scan some issues of this interesting pulp

John Holmgren, Judge 1928-08-11, from MyComicShop

Enoch Bolles, doing double duty in the parasol stream today, an inventive use and she's not getting too much cover from that tiny umbrella, Spicy Stories 1929-07.  Pretty sure this one is coming from Jack Raglin's Enoch Bolles Blog

And lastly, two from the same month, Harrison Fisher, Cosmopolitan 1932-07, edit from the one and only Siren in the Night

a better look at that one here.

Lastly, a quick edit I did tonight of a Rolf Armstrong cover from MyComicShop, College Humor 1932-07, brilliant.

A better peek here.

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