Tuesday, April 11, 2023

My Secret Marriage, July 1954 / Canadian Filth, Love in the Hills

Clickbait title, guilty!  But so fun to bait the Canucks -

 My Secret Marriage 08, July 1954.  Oh, Canada! Superior Comics.

Cover artist unidentified. The gent in the window perhaps like the gents at the newsstand, taking a peek.

It's an early scan, under and over edited but still with its charms.

Available here: My Secret Marriage 008 (1954-07.Superior)(Darwin-DREGS).cbr

or you can view it online at the IA here.

Rifling through my scans as of late, I'm finding myself looking at the golden age romance comics with a total sense of joy.  Alternately trashy and sweet, horrible and wonderful, I think they're so much fun to read, and there's great art.  Comics artists drawing crime and horror and characters in tights can stretch out a little bit in the romances, and, c'mon, what artists don't like to draw pretty women?  I've been posting a lot of Matt Baker on Flickr, but I like even the "bad" romance comics, too, like today's offering.  The GCD entry doesn't really illuminate too much, but we're guessing Iger Shop work for at least the first couple stories.  

Some sampleage.  Oh, man, the proportions on the lead splash o.O

A nice pin-up front and center is always a good splash page approach even if the proportions are a little funky here.  Sometimes you can really tell that there is collective shopwork at play.
Poor dear can't fix her own dinner, what sort of girl is this? Oh, I see - the sort that likes to lounge in lingerie.  Bits of obligatory cheesecake fill the pages of the romance comics.  Still think romance comics were only for the girls?
Oh, professor...

A visual mode of story telling.  A gams shot, then a close up of the sideways glance.  If you're looking to build a "vocabulary" in comics storytelling, reading in the golden age is a good place to start.

The third story is better than the first two, but the last, Love in the Hills, is the gem of the lot.  I'll post it in its entirety for your amusement and appreciation (as I have all the room in the world here on Google's whack ass image system).

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