Monday, April 10, 2023

Rerun: Action, October 1953

So, in some cases, due to how the clunky editor works in Blogger, it's going to be easier for me just to take down an old post and rebuild anew in some of the remodeling efforts here at Darwination Scans.  Hence, the rerun tag.  Likely, I'll pick and post different images from an old scan in the process.  It's truly amazing how often I miss the good bits and different things stand out upon rereading an old magazine.  I will tend to be quick with these, though, and recycle old type. Onward and upward.

 Get the full scan here: Action v01n05 (1953-10.Picture Magazines)(Darwination-Dregs).cbr

An early sweat magazine from publisher Adrian Lopez featuring a "yellow menace" cover from Joe Szokoli.

But far scarier than walking the plank seems "The Kinsey Report and Your Wife," what is she up to now!?! 

Crowds rush to hear Kinsey.  Meanwhile, your wife is not impressed (posed by a professional model).


 Without a doubt, I was most attracted to the account of a man eaten by a giant ray. A splash page with photo of Captain Morgan(!) Flemish, "an incredibly tough, virile man." True story, bro.

A few more samples, hit me with an identify in comments for the V.S. illo for the Luck of the Knock if you happen to know.

Lastly, I'm gonna post a follow up sort of article from this issue on "punch-drunkedness" recalling some supposition on Battling Siki's death a couple of posts back.  The article astutely points out how fighters on the way down can fare poorly in this department.

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