Wednesday, April 5, 2023

BMX Action, October 1988

 Poppin a quick wheelie tonight:

An old scan but new to my blog, get the full high res scan here: BMX Action v13n10 (1988-10.Wizard)(D&M).cbr

My scans, McCoy's always death-defying edits (Brother, Where Art Thou?). I pulled this one out of the digital longbox after fixing dead links in one of my absolute favorite pieces here at Darwinations Scans, Kickin' It Oldschool / BMX and Freestyle Mags, a tribute to the bmx and freestyle culture of the 1980s and the impact it had on my childhood.  

These were well produced mags with electrifying graphics and photography, absolutely kinetic in every way, have a look.

Enjoy the issue -I'll post contents and some sampleage on the way out the door (gotta get some raws in the can before bed, pedal pedal pedal pedal!)

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