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Gangsters and Gun Molls 04, June 1952

Crime Never Wins.

Get the full high res scan here: Gangsters and Gun Molls 04 (1952-06.Realistic) (JVJ-2byNation)

 or view or download at the IA here.

 Syd Shores cover for the Avon line's Gangsters and Gun Molls, June 1952.

From the JVJ project at the Digital Comics Museum.  When I had it available to me, I always left JVJ's identification indexes at the end, almost as great a contribution as the comics themselves.  Artist identification is so, so helpful when studying the golden ages of comics and illustration.  I'm pretty good at it in certain areas (girlie pulps), but JVJ's eye for the golden age is something else.  Artist identification is very much an important part of cultural preservation, and I always fear that when some of us old paper lovers go, they take a lot of their knowledge with them.  If you see an unidentifed artist and have a solid ID on an image I post, chime in on comments, eh?

Twoby raws, DNation edits

Interior front cover by the great Everett Raymond Kinstler.  I love the way the four different images preview the comic.  Avon/Realistic is definitely a publishing house for comics lovers to explore.

 Syd Shores splash for MARA HITE Bank-robbing Murderess.

You'll never be anything but a two bit punk!  From now on I'm running things.  Often the power hierarchy in the gun moll to gangster relationship, sort of like my marriage :D

Lastly, a Gerald McCann splash for Gerald McCann splash for ALICE CORT - Hollywood Hellcat.

Alice's gang moves in on a Chicago Loop restaurant, closing time, 1943. Do not get in Alice's way.

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