Friday, March 10, 2023

Duke v01n02, July 1957


 Yes, scan cats, hot off the presses, we are back at it again tonight on Darwin Scans with the second issue of Duke from 1957. You can download the full hi-resolution issue here.  

I ran down the history and uniqueness of the magazine when I blogged the first issue back in 2012 here.  Of enormous interest to jazz fans in particular, but also featuring excellent fiction and lifestyle articles, this was a quality magazine from the black point of view in 1950s New York.  Just a quick post tonight - I plan on dropping some magazines off here at my digital newstand in my return to scanning on the go and without much comment on many occasions. I've seen a few blog posts on the first issue of Duke I did with different thoughtful takes, and I love it.  You're not gonna find this stuff in a library, but it's as integral to our cultural history as anything you would.  I've got all the issues of Duke but the final sixth issue and plan to sprinkle them in the scan rotation.

One question, though.  WTF is up with mascot on these covers?  Who thought it was a good idea?  A great magazine needs great covers, and while there is graphic appeal, certainly, it doesn't quite sell, you know.  Printed on a thin but decent slick paper except for the centerfold which I love because, you know, you might want to pin it up.

The Cast

The Contents

In the issue, fiction from William Gardner Smith, Earl Conrad, Erskine Caldwell, and George Milburn.

Samples.  Dear Duke.  Heavyweight Champions Archie Moore and Jersey Joe Walcott go to the mat in support of the magazine.  King of Swing Louis Jordan tells Duke to keep it up, GO DADDY GO. Readers happy for a class mag and representation.  A letter page tells you a lot about a magazine.

The Fraulein and the Private by William Gardner Smith

blues were my sex education by Mezz Mezzrow

Blacks better in bed?! The Myth of Our Virility by George S. Schuyler

I don't tend to be a cartoon guy, but this is great.  The grass is always greener and you don't know what you've got til they are gone, eh?  Us men can't help it.

Maxine Chancellor, Duchess of the Month

Dan Burley lays down illustrated Nursery Rhymes in Jive

Perhaps he composed said Nursery Rhymes while meditating at the salon, wait a hairdryer at the barbershop?!  Evolution of the Conk. Symmetry dictates got post the whole article on this one to match the Evolution of the Mullet we saw in Grand Royal :D

Looking sharp, my man! Last bit of the article, too:

Let's look at Cars in the year 2000.  Wait, where the hell is my flying car?!?!

I'll leave you with the "come on". Who could resist? Absolutely fantastic.

I'm experimenting with image sizes.  Hoping tonight's look good on a desktop and still work with a phone.  No more messing with external hosts just working through blogger's compose view.  Defo easy to write in.  See you cats on the flipside.  Who knows were the magazine time machine lands next - I do!

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