Thursday, March 30, 2023

Cover Only! Part 2 / Crime, March 1953 and Gay Parisienne, September 1937


Crime, March 1953.  Cover by Howell Dodd. A classic example of JD pulp art.  What are these kids smoking, anyways?!  You better believe Darwination knows.  Get a better look on Flicker here.

I tracked down the original and was pleased to see it exists.  We can only say that for a fraction of pulp art. Sold for just above five Grand at Heritage. I've seen paintings sell for millions that do far less for me.  I daresay that collector should hold on to this one.  I do not own a single piece of original pulp art, but maybe someday...

I daresay the the digital image of the magazine cover looks even better than the original.

A second one!  Cover Only!  

Enoch Bolles, Gay Parisienne, September 1937.  See it more easily on Flickr here.

A quick and easy restore unlike the rest of these cover only posts, I'm sure I could go further.  With a mint copy, I can get a nice image with just a half hour or hour of work.  I have a good number of fresh cover to cover girlie pulp scans in the pipeline (as you've no doubt noticed, it's a peculiar and particular interest of mine), but I also want to sort of fill out the record with some quick(er) restores of some much deserving pin-up cover art from overlooked and celebrated artists as well. Cover only.

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Bolles Fan 1 said...

I love how Bolles made the pillows to look like gawking eyes!