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Beastie Boys Official Tour Zine 1995


Get the scan here: Beastie Boys Official Tour Zine 1995 (D&M).cbr    

Thanks to McCoy for the edit. Talk about an effective team - I've thought about that guy every day lately as I've been sorting out my old scans. 

This is absolutely not the pub I expected to blog this morning, but here's the Beastie's Tour Zine from 1995.  I was chatting with a new friend from across the pond on the nature of sports pulp and got into a discussion about sports programs.  Digging some out to share, I came across this old scan (and a number of other programs from concerts).  

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. I talk about digital preservation here at Darwin Scans and obviously emphasize older materials, but I do get such a kick out of scans from the web of relics from my own younger days.  Punk rock flyers, zines, album covers, etc. etc. are great items to share that chronicle parts of the counterculture (and mainstream culture for that matter) that should be documented and appreciated, so don't for one minute think you don't have something around the house that others would like to see.

Here's the page that compelled me to choose this program for today (have I mentioned I hate the way images display here at Blogger? sigh):

An excellent primer on pit etiquette, this is totally fantastic.  I'm not sure I'd learned all this pogo-ing about in front of the stage at The Outhouse in Lawrence, KS, aged 13 or 14 at a $3, 5 band, all ages show (what a glorious time to be alive, I suppose we all feel that way about our youth), but I'd certainly learned the ropes by 1995 (and the idea of getting in a mosh pit these days seems insane even though I do still listen to a lot of loud and fast music \m/ \m/ ).  The bit that stands out is item #2

This made me recall a couple things.  First, The Punk Singer (2013) on Kathleen Hanna (who actually married Ad-Rock, featured prominently and very sweetly in the film), which I highly recommend and mentioned to my wife the other night when we were talking about a co-worker of hers who suffers from some of the mysterious Lyme disease symptoms that also plague Hanna.  Old man preach once again, but I feel like the latest crop of teenagers might do well with a little more of the fuck you, I'm going to be heard attitude on display in a group like Bikini Kill. The second movie it makes me think of is a newer one which absolutely blew my mind, Netflix's doc series, Trainwreck: Woodstock '99.  I watched it once then watched it again with my wife and daughter.  It explores the good and bad sides of this concert (which I wouldn't have been caught dead attending btw, the bros and such there for Limp Bizkit are most definitely NOT my people) - the youthful enthusiasm, the juxtaposition of what went down in 99 versus the original woodstock, capitalism run amok and one of the filthier concert environments you can imagine (my princess daughter was horrified).  Anyways, to the point, there's scenes in Trainwreck of crowdgoers yelling "show us your tits" to the likes of Sheryl Crow and young girls recounting all the harassment suffered while crowdsurfing (and, sadly, even worse male behavior).  I do hope we've made a little progress in respecting women - but any anger at the lack of respect for boundaries at a concert is 100%  justified, eh?

Samples.The Roots. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Bad Brains.  I remember H.R. getting arrested and having to stay around my hometown of Lawrence KS for a bit.

I don't think I saw this 95 tour but recall seeing the Beasties in KCK at Memorial Hall in 92 with the Melvins (who were rudely booed off stage in spite of being one hell of a band, the Beasties had some moron fans) but it doesn't line up with what I'm finding on the web as a lineup of the Beasties, L7, and House of Pain (I trust my own memory even though I probably shouldn't).  I wasn't and am not a fan of big venues, but I'd occasionally bite the bullet back in the day.  

Enough of this memory lane shit. Time to get back to some scan work.  But I'll still cue up a little Blues Explosion now that they are on my mind to get me in the mood.  Edgar Wright smartly uses this one for a driving scene in Baby Driver.


Or maybe some Melvins. How I love this version of the Wings tune:


Let me roll it you, scan lovers.  Likely a time machine stop at a more remote location tomorrow morning.  Focus, Darwin, focus!

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