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Rip v01n01, December 1986

Get the full high rez scan here: Rip v01n01 (1986-12) (OldschoolNation-DREGS)

or you can view the scan and download in a variety of formats at the Internet Archive here.

 I'll be damned if the time machine didn't land in an unexpected destination yet again.  Sharing some music mags yesterday, I chanced across this gem which Doc Oldschool scanned for me to edit.  I don't recall if he picked it up as a target or if he held on to it all the years, but I'm guessing the latter, jesus christ.

What a relic this mag is - I'm pretty sure I never picked up a copy myself, but it's a mainstream attempt to kind of fuse some metal and punk rock coverage together in a commercial but still slightly subversive package.  Thumbing through it, there's all sorts of wild photos from a simpler age.  80s Ozzy was something else.  The first I remember encountering the man close up so to speak is in the Decline of Western Civilizaton docs


Holy shit, man, get yourself together 😆 Enough to make a young punker straightedge.

I imagine another initial slant on Ozzy as a too-hip GenXer would be something like Beck's here 


In the years since, and, especially recently, I've come to pretty much worship Black Sabbath as the pioneering doom metal gods they are, so Ozzy is the man, no matter what he got up to with reality TV and the like.

But back to the issue at hand.  Scanners like to bag a v01n01 because, well, it's the first issue, eh?  Magazine collectors like Doc Lomazow love the first ish of a mag and so do we.  There's always so much enthusiasm, and you often get an optimistic mission statement like this:

Hairhead fashion? Check.  I can safely say I never had a glam metal hair-do and still crack up at this shit.  Of course, old men envy the young, or so they say

I'm very happy to have my son pick up the guitar which has brought me so much joy over the years.  He's using the fender strat copy I bought at 17 and fixed the electricals on.  Still a killer, easy to play make, but it might have just been ridden till the wheels fall off.  

I love the Ibanez hollow body I play (not enough) now.


Fellow students in shop class always had the Metallica T's.  I never did catch on.

 This is more my speed. I can still bop out listening to The Ramones

But, for me, the kings of metal will always be Slayer.  I tend to like slower and trudgier varieties of metal, but goddamn if they don't kick so much ass.  I was gonna link the old Tom Arya Scream Button there but it's 404, what a pity. SLAYERRRRRRRRRR!

 Fuckin' Ozzy, man, what a treasure.

Wild Style, so much hair product at work here o.O

See there's the glam stuff, but then we get a nice interview with Lemmy.  This mag was playing to a wide audience:

Interview with Gregg Ginn, but here's the always shorthaired Henry Rollins as young man.  I do admit I like the fact he followed a different muse and hung up the spurs so to speak.  Rock tours until death seems like an odd way for your heroes to ride into the sunset. On the other hand, shredding to the grave shows spirit.

Coming out of the comics scanning scene, I'd be remiss not to include a strip by Big Daddy Ed Roth

or, The Scriptures book review. Dr. Proctor Roctor knows about the good stuff.

I'd almost forgotten about Ozzy and the bats.  I wonder how much mileage he got out of that bit.  Available on VHS and Beta Hi-Fi Videocassettes.

Rock on, scan lovers, and let 'er rip.  Even when I say I know where the Darwination time machine is going to end up tomorrow, it seems I never do. \m/ \m/

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