Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey Ladies

Sigh, I spent too much of a beautiful Sunday trying unsuccessfully to unclog a drain that managed to cover my laundry room with debris from the kitchen sink, but here I am, as promised, to continue a short tour of some vintage girlie magazine scans. Again tonight, click on the issue title to download the scan.

I'll kick off tonight with what is probably my favorite of these magazines in my collection.

My wife likes to tease me about my affair with my scanner - and here is a fine Mistress indeed. A very well-done magazine.

Mistress v01n04 (1966-04.D and R)

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Another excellent magazine full of cuties. I think the cover design is absolutely outstanding.

California Girl 08 (1973-01.Phenix)

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Here's a neat one that is a bit experimental. The cover does not extend all the way to the edge of the magazine (leading to a fold open front cover) and there are some strange brownish graphics pages.

Mister Cool v01n01 (1960.Billingsley)

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And issue one and three of Rapture (love the name), a pre-Parliament magazine from Milton Luros.

Rapture v01n01 (1959.Tower)

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Rapture v01n03 (1959.Beacon)

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And lastly, two magazines I think are somehow related though I can't pin that down. I had an uncle who liked to talk about handing out wolf-tickets, so I'm completely loving this magazine.

Wolf Bait 02 (1959.Zee Zee)

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This is a "pitchbook," sort of an advertising pamphlet for performers, published by Zee Zee Martine, a dancer featured within, and it features a number of famous burlesque artists of the day. A very interesting little pub, wider than a pocket magzine but tall (like Fling) with an amateur feel that was nonetheless very well done. A mix of pics, cartoons, jokes, articles, a bit of fetish material, and more. This last magazine is full-sized but shares a pic or two with the last magazine and sports a very similar look. And with a title like Scandolls, well, it was just begging to meet my scanner.

Scandolls v01n01 (1959)(D&M)

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I probably won't be posting every one of these mags I do here on my blog, but for certain you can catch them at, and we welcome all there who'd care to share their magazines or just to discuss topics of interest regarding the mags, the girls, photographers and artists, the publishers, etc. I'm a few volumes into Dian Hansen's volumes of The History of Men's Magazines and have only recently begun collecting more of them, but I can safely say there are so, so many forgotten titles that deserve to see the light of the digital age. Scan em if you got em...

Next time on volunteer radio, a Mae West Number! I'm oh-so-close to beginning the series of posts on the birth of the girlie pulp I've been threatening forever, but I keep coming across items that I just have to have to include! (last it was a beautiful trio of La Vie Parisienne from the collection of Francis Smilby, now it's a curious little 1925 jazz mag called Hi-Jinks) In the meantime, we'll run with a post or few on varied subjects and magazines while I try and get my ducks in a row...

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