Saturday, August 29, 2009

Indian Chief Geronimo on the Warpath (Avon 1951)

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Geronimo 002 (1951.Avon) (On the Warpath) (BigChiefer-DREGS).cbr

Up for your enjoyment this morning is issue two of the four issue Western series from Avon. You can get the scan

The comic includes cover and frontispiece from Everett Raymond Kinstler as well as two stories from John Forte. The main attraction for me, though, is the Kit West story that Jim Vadeboncoeur was kind enough to identify the art in as being from Jill Elgin (you can see the conversation on this artist over on my thread at here. If you haven't discovered this website yet, you are in for a treat, it is the heart and soul of comic preservation (all public domain), and nary a day passes where some gem is not posted free to the world. I try and concentrate on my magazine work on this blog (there are many places to get comic scans, but magazine and pulp scanning is still in its infancy and distribution of said scans is limited to just a few cubbyholes on the web), so you can find a lot of my comic scans on that site that won't make it here.


The frontispiece. These inside front covers from Avon are probably what attracts me most to their comics, love em!

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Elgin's splash for the Kit West story. Devilish!

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P.S. You can find the other three scans from this series here. The first issue is my scan, but issues three and four (issue 3 has another charming Elgin Kit West story where The Murders in the Rue Morgue meets the American Frontier) come from the comics newsgroups, so thanks to the scanner for these!

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