Sunday, April 19, 2009

RAGE, December 1961

Another sojourn into the land of sweat mags today - but beware the senoritas with machetes!

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The recurring theme in these mags of the white male being attacked by exotic beauties is a peek into the fantasies of cold war America. Is there something these girls have that June Cleaver is missing? Can the modern emasculated man best an entire island of Amazons? Below the placid and conformist face of the American suburbs, what depravities lurk?

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Scan of RAGE 1961-12


More Samples. Would the ballplayers of the past be such mythic heroes if they didn’t know how to party?

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And the obsession with Nazis in these magazines is something I’ve never understood. These magazines are cheap and plentiful, but people do seem to collect the weird menace type of Norm Eastman covers and the like. Or there’s the other angle with Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS sort fantasies regarding buxom nazi broads filled with murderous rage. Is this a domination fantasy shared by hordes of American men? Hmm… I don't think I'll be thinking of this crazed looking Nazi anytime soon, she looks downright scary!

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But who would have a thing for nazi gals, when America has such sweets on offer…

And, of course, the advertisements are a great route to understanding the reader. If the magazine itself doesn’t cross the line of decency enough for you, certainly some of these products in the back are what you might be looking for. French pictures, sex guides (are you doing it right? What do women really want, anyways?), lingerie, handguns, cures and tonics, all available through the mail and yours for two dollars in a s.a.s.e…

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