Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Pep Stories, July 1933 / Fencing Women

A pin-up from R.A. Burley.  En Garde!  Get a better look at the cover on Flickr.

From one of the boxes of donor pulp I'm working these days, 

get the full scan with joins and tag here: Pep Stories v03n07 (1933-07.Merwil) (Team-DPP).cbr

or you can view the issue at the IA here.

More on R.A. Burley later (an underrated regular on the covers of the girlie pulps) -

Instead another post with a string of images, fencing girls!  I'm woefully unable to wax poetic on the virtues of the sport, but I can certainly appreciate these practitioners -

The type. Date unknown, "Edwardian Fencer" via Pinterest

Archie Gunn, The Fencer and On Guard 1907.

Arthur - Evelyn, March, Gavet & Porter 1910 Calendar

H.L. Parkhurst, later prolific in the pulps, Harper's Weekly, April 16 1910

Earl Christy from American Art Works Calendar 1917 via halloweenhjb on Flikr

and a little time jump to 1928 over in France:

Georges Leonnec, in Le Sourire, May 10 1928
Enoch Bolles, Pep Stories February 1930 via Douglas Ellis' Uncensored. Bolles plays with the bend of the foil.

This Bolles Girl hardly seem interested in putting up a fight at all, Film Fun October 1933.

Peter Driben.  This one has the outlandish outfit of Bolles girl and the pierced hearts of Leonnec.  Love the design. Spicy Stories, February 1934. Driben liked it so much, he'd mimic it fifteen  years later for the Gayety 1949 Summer edition for a Martin Goodman pub:

Lastly, a couple of slick renditions:

Alfred Cammarata, April 1 1933 Saturday Evening Post.  Later known for his work in the golden age of comics.

A most excellent Bradshaw Crandell, Cosmopolitan February 1937.

Al Buell, date unknown, from the original art at Heritage Auctions.

George Petty, Esquire February 1955

Lastly, have a Coke and a smile and a blade to the heart - date and artist unknown -

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