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Romantic Movie Stories, June 1936 / Zoe Mozert

Romantic Movie Storeis ran from 1934-1937 on Fawcett. It began as a pulp and turned into a bedsheet in 1935. Most of the covers are glamour shots of stars. You can find these on ebay often listed among Hollywood mags. They can be pretty expensive (especially with a cult actress on the cover), but you can find em for cheap sometimes tucked away even though they are listed pretty high in Bookery's (the equivalent of Overstreet for pulps). The magazine features movies in story form but was only a pulp with fiction for a few years before changing into Movie Story Magazine.

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The cover artist is the wonderful Zoe Mozert. She is probably best remembered for her pin-up calendar work for Brown and Bigelow, but her skill goes beyond figure work, as her portraits and glamor shots are also lush and vibrant.

You can see some of her magazine work here:,z.htm

or see some more bio and a picture of her posing here:

As for this pulp title, it's an interesting number. It has slick sections at front and back with a pulpier paper in the center section. I suppose it's still a pulp, but really the production values are high and it reminds me more of a glamour/hollywood mag. It's bedsheet sized (bigger than a regular pulp) with nice cover stock and is packed with photos, cheesecake, neat ads, and stories of current movies.



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Cheers! I hope you've enjoyed this short look at some early Hollywood publications this weekend. Imagine what a resource a comprehensive, free, and instantly available library of film magazines would be for fans and researchers alike... We can do it :)

Get the full scan here.

c2c moment. I love this ad (excuse the unrestored spine, sometimes they aren't worth the hassle, but I hate to leave it out!):

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And another aside - I was asked by a reader if I minded if they used images from one of my scans for a blog post recently. Of course I don't mind! By all means, these may be my scans, but besides any craftsmanship that might be involved in the digital presentation, I lay absolutely no claim to this material except to ask that my scans be used for non-commercial purposes only. Scans make great blog fodder in terms of both images and subject, so have at it. Beyond the fact that I just love the act of scanning and working with old images, I mean to share the sense of discovery, bewilderment, and appreciation that the hobby of scanning magazines brings with it, so I love seeing a magazine I've scanned being shared elsewhere. Of course, my main aspiration in sharing my scans out in the open like this is to inspire more people to try their hand at scanning their own magazines. Besides my wonder at the breadth of our magazine culture, I work in so many areas because I'm always hoping to spark the niche collector into scanning their own magazines.

Next up: Zip Gun Killers, Thrill Pills, Switchblade Gangs, Smut Peddlers, Oh my!!

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