Sunday, May 17, 2009

TV People, December 1955

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Something a little different for me today, here’s an issue of a TV personality publication from the stable of Martin Goodman from December of 1955. Not my usual cup of tea, but a pal was kind enough to raw this mag for me, and it’s really a pretty fun peek at the early days of television celebrity. The nostalgia factor is a big part of the scanning phenomenon and I would guess that this magazine will bring back lots of memories for some peeps a bit older than I.

You can get the full scan here along with more issues courtesy of McCoy, as this is one of his pet titles.

I’ve got no particular insights on this magazine except to note that this was a period in which tabloid/scandal mags were very popular and in which mags like Confidential were under fire for going too far with their exposes. Jerry Lewis in this issue talks about how gossip has adversely affected his marriage. This mag seems fairly innocuous in content and not that sensational.


Samples. Liberace seems to make for good print in this era, as he is all over the entertainment mags. I just have to put up a picture of him with gun and goofy hat

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Clubbin with Ronnie! I’ve heard so many crazy rumours about Reagan’s party days with absolutely no idea if they are true or not. I’d say Ronnie might have eked in just before the media went all no holds barred…

Lou at the track

Cheers and enjoy!

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